Moving With Pets to a Strata Property

Moving With Pets to a Strata Property

Gary’s 1 Minute Tips

We all love our pets. We especially loved this 21+ year old cat, Oreo, who I had since he was 6 weeks old.

When Rosemary and I moved into our strata condo in 2012, we did not even consider Oreo and whether he could live at our new condo.

What many people moving to strata properties do not realize is that like some rentals there can be pet restrictions. And these can be all over the map. It goes like this, you can have 1 cat and 1 dog, or 1 cat only or 1 dog only under 10 kilograms or whose full-grown shoulder height is under 12 inches and so on. And there can be endless differences between each strata. Some do not allow any pets. These rules come about by the strata members in votes at the AGMs over the years. So, what you must do before buying a strata property is to read all the strata docs sections related to pets. Many people have bought and then had to sell soon due to restrictive pet by-laws. You don’t want to be one of those. A good Realtor will help you wade through this before your purchase!

Finally, yes, Oreo who recently passed away did live a long and happy life with us in our condo to age 21 1/2 human years, or 103 cat years.

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