July 2022 Greater Victoria Market Update and Analysis

July 2022 Greater Victoria Market Update and Analysis

The Times They Area A Changin’

“The Times They Are a Changin'” or so Bob Dylan says in his famous song. The Victoria Real Estate Market is a changin’ or so it is said. Following is the Victoria Real Estate news update for July 2022. The first part tells you about the changes in sales numbers, prices, and percentages for Single Family Homes, Condominiums, and TownHomes from last month and as well one year ago in the Greater Victoria Real Estate Market area Victoria. The second part of this important update is a detailed analysis of:

  1. What Is Going On
  2. Why This Is Happening
  3. Future Trends
  4. What we think is going to happen in the next while

You do not want to miss this important Victoria Real Estate market update and analysis!
And as well you get to see the debut of this music lovin’ Real Estate Agent of Victoria BC.

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