We’d love to help you buy your first or next home!

There’s little that’s as exciting in our daily lives as starting to view beautiful houses and condos knowing that at any moment one of them may become your next longterm home!  But with all the complexities of today’s world and with the demands of work and family obligations, it’s extremely difficult to make all the necessary arrangements and accurately understand the process as well as the market, without the help of a hardworking Realtor®.

Your Realtor® is the one who coordinates the smooth running of the whole purchasing process from start to finish and beyond.  Preparation is key.  Your agent will start by ensuring that you are set up with essential professionals like a great mortgage broker, so you know how much you can spend, and can have all your paperwork ready so you can place an offer on the home you want without delay.  Your Realtor® will listen carefully to you to understand what criteria are really the most important to you at this phase of your life.  He or she will suggest options, explore areas, and review and refine the selection of new listings as they appear throughout the day, sending you the ones of special interest as soon as they appear on the market. Being able to be increasingly informed and to be able to respond very quickly is essential in a hot market like Victoria’s where the best homes are snatched up quickly.  

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We love people and we love homes!

Booking viewing appointments immediately is another valuable service that we as Realtors® offer, and following up with researching and compiling information quickly for any additional questions you may have.  If you are considering a strata property, we as your agents may pour over 100s of pages of strata bylaws to discover any pet, rental, bbq, age, and flooring restrictions that may influence your decision.  As Realtors® we are used to setting our own personal plans aside on a daily basis, to be available at short notice if need be, to assist our clients when that possibly ideal property pops onto the market or when a complication arises in the purchasing process.  (And we do this at no cost to you as Buyers, as the Sellers pay the commission that gets shared by both the Sellers’ and Buyers’ brokerages.)

When you find that property that your mind and heart both agree is right for you, then we as your Realtors® spring into intensely focused mode, advising you, preparing your offer accurately, communicating back and forth with the listing realtor, negotiating, and meeting a series of crucial deadlines.  If your offer is accepted, we will guide you through each of the next steps as you prepare to ‘remove your subjects’, including often being present throughout a property inspection on your behalf, suggesting a good real estate lawyer for you, keeping your mortgage broker updated, advising you re how to pay the deposit, and submitting piles of paperwork related to the purchase in preparation for the conveyancing. We remain in contact right till the end, obtaining the keys and sharing your joy as you walk into your new home for the first time as Owners!  If, however, multiple offers come in on that property, we do our very best to help your offer be the one selected, but if someone else’s offer is chosen, then we share in your disappointment, do our best to encourage you, and then together we move on to the next great options ahead.  

Buying a home, or even a rental property in this fast-moving Victoria market, can feel like an emotional rollercoaster at times.  Going through it alone could be extremely discouraging.  Going through the process with a capable Realtor® who is a good fit for your personality and needs and who is dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams and goals, makes purchasing not only possible but a great learning experience and often a very enjoyable time of working closely together!  

We, Rosemary and Gary, are helpful, hardworking Realtors® who give our best to each of our clients.  We have complementary strengths and experience.  Whether you buy the very first home we show you or need 3 months of looking, we will be patient and helpful.  Whether you are a first-time home buyer with countless questions or a seasoned purchaser looking for a further rental house, we will take each request seriously and always treat you with respect. We want to see you succeed in getting that property here in beautiful Victoria that is right for you. 

As our tagline says, “We love people and we love homes!”  We would be delighted if you would give us a call to get the process started.  Whether you call Rosemary at 250-891-4465 or Gary at 250-881-4117, we will both be happily working for you!