B.C. Strata Property Act New Regulations

B.C. Strata Property Act New Regulations

End of Strata Rental and Age Restrictions in B.C.

Are you someone who is thinking about buying a condo but are not sure because you want to rent it out when you are traveling for extended periods and are not sure you can do this? Or are you an investor wanting to buy a rental property which seems to be in short supply and wondering what is available?

The Province of B.C. has on November 24, 2022 passed amendments to the Strata Property Act which take immediate effect. This removes all rental and some age restrictions in strata properties. If you are planning to either buy or sell a strata property in B.C. then you need to know how this will affect you!

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Don’t buy or sell your new Rental Suite before having a look at this important of information!

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