Announcing Rosemary and Gary YouTube Channel

Announcing Rosemary and Gary YouTube Channel

Dear Friends, 

We are excited today to announce that our Victoria BC Canada Real Estate YouTube Channel is now available at

We provide very useful information for people wishing to retire or move to, downsize, buy or sell in Beautiful Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island, Canada. 

We are Realtors known as “Rosemary and Gary Victoria Homes Team” working with the excellent brokerage DFH Real Estate Ltd. in Victoria. 

We have currently half a dozen videos uploaded to give you a good viewing start. We plan to upload a new video every Wednesday. Our videos will include tips on buying or selling in this busy Victoria market, market statistics, video tours of different areas in Greater Victoria, interviews with people in the real estate industry, information on work and businesses and more. We point to our free handout guides, our current listings, tips on improving your home for sale or after purchase, tips for first time buyers or even selling your own home. You may also see the occasional live streaming question and answer sessions and maybe Gary will even sneak a mandolin or guitar tune in there occasionally. Watch for all the fun!

This is our first effort at doing videos and it is a steep learning curve. So, forgive our quirky efforts at this time. We are improving and will nevertheless provide very helpful information on a lot of topics, all for your free viewing. 

You could really help us get a good start with YouTube by “Subscribing” to our channel, giving us a “Thumbs Up” or “Heart” on all of our videos and adding  your questions or observations and participation on our comments section below each video.

Also click on the “Bell” to get notified of all new weekly uploads. You will not want to miss them. 

Finally, please share our channel link with all your friends. Our first goal is to get 100 subscribers so that YouTube will take us seriously and promote our channel. Your help will get us there. 

Thank you for your support and we look forward to “Seeing You Next Time”.

Rosemary and Gary

“We love people and we love homes!”