4 Things You Must Consider When Downsizing

4 Things You Must Consider When Downsizing

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So, the day has come. Retirement is firmly in place and all is well then you discover the reality of retirement. This lovely old house where you raised your family is just too much work. You would rather be out on a cruise, exploring the Antarctica, or maybe auditing that astronomy course. What to do? And how to get there? So, you come up with a plan to downsize. That will free up your time to allow you to do all these cool retirement things. So step 1 is call up a Realtor and sell the house. Easy! Right?

Well, it’s not quite that easy. Not all Realtors help with downsizing or retirement sales. There is a lot more to do than just putting the house on the market. What you really need to do is get a good “Downsizing” Realtor who will not only help you sell or buy but will help you with the decisions and resources to have a successful downsize. So what should you know? Watch this video for the 4 Downsizing Things you MUST consider before downsizing!

You do not want to miss this video when starting your downsizing or retirement planning!

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